How To Scare Pests Away This Halloween

Spotting an uninvited pest at your Halloween party can really give you a fright! They can scare you without even having a costume on. Below are some measures homeowners can take to scare pests away from their homes this Halloween.


Is there any spookier pest than a bat? We think not! To prevent bats from spooking your guests at an evening Halloween soirée, remember to close attic vents and chimney openings prior to the festivities. 


Spiders have also been known to startle people–especially if someone at your gathering has a phobia of spiders. When homeowners keep their attics, garages, and basements clean, they are less likely to encounter spiders. If you will be getting Halloween decorations out of a storage container that has not been opened for a long time, be sure to wear gloves when doing so. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can become a big concern if you have guests staying over your house for the night. It is easy for bed bugs to transfer from a person to a piece of furniture or vice versa. If you plan on getting a costume from a thrift store, inspect it thoroughly for bed bugs before purchasing it. 

Bats, spiders and bed bugs, oh my! If you discovered any of these creepy critters in your home on Halloween, turn to the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count!

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