How to Keep Your Restaurant Pest-Free

A restaurant should be filled with a relaxing atmosphere, delicious foods, and outgoing people. Do you know what restaurants shouldn’t be filled with? Pests. Unfortunately, restaurants will attract all sorts of flies, roaches, rodents, and ants. In order to be a pest-free restaurant, here’s what you need to do.

No Entryways

Every building (especially restaurants) shouldn’t have any cracks, gaps, or holes within the structure of the building. Apply weatherstripping to windows and doors that improperly fit their frames, caulking to cracks and small holes within walls, and a sealed fitting around any piping that enters the home from the outside. If air can pass through it, so can a pest!

Dry Environment

Restaurant kitchens can experience a lot of humidity and frequent spills. It’s important that the kitchen and back storage areas remain as dry as possible to avoid an infestation of pests.

Most pests are attracted to moist environments so they can hydrate and mate. Therefore, every kitchen should have the proper ventilation, while spills and leaks should be cleaned and fixed as quickly as possible.

Excellent Storage

Improperly storing food and ingredients won’t just lower the quality of food, but it can also attract pests. All foods that belong in the refrigerator and freezer should be properly covered and neatly stored. Foods that can be left out at room temperature should be placed on storage racks or bins.

Rather than placing your product wherever, create an organized placement system with foods to expire first in the most accessible place. Expired, rotten foods will be the first to be infested by any possible pests.

In order to stay in business, restaurants need to remain pest-free so that they can pass their health inspection. When your restaurant or home kitchen needs green treatment for a pest infestation, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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