How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Home


Spring is here and hibernation is over! All of the squirrels are coming out to play and that means that they’ll be out and about causing a ruckus around the neighborhood. Avoid the insanity of having squirrels terrorize your property by squirrel proofing your home.

  • Food – The life of a squirrel revolves around finding food so it’s best to keep any food away from the outside of the house. Do not feed pets outside, rid your property of bird feeders, and seal all garbage in scented bags inside of a sealed garbage container.
  • Inspection – Walk around your property and look for any weak points or current holes in your home. Repair any holes in your siding, install vent covers, and replace broken mesh screens. Don’t forget to inspect your roof and replace any broken shingles or flashing so no squirrels can enter your attic.
  • Garden – Squirrels will look to your garden for food so you must set up a barricade around it. Utilize chicken wire, fencing, and a canopy of mesh wire to cover your food garden. Consider hanging pieces of metal or aluminum, like a makeshift scarecrow, near the garden to scare away any squirrels.
  • Traps – If squirrels have entered your home then it’s time to bust out the traps. Place these traps near any of the weak spots around your home that you have previously patched up. You can also place them around the attic and near the kitchen.

Squirrels are an annoying pest that can chew through your home and eat up your garden. When the squirrels in your neighborhood are too much for you to handle, contact the pros at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, g

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