How to Keep Pests From Keeping Warm in Your Home


Temperatures are colder, rain is turning to snow, and being outside is becoming almost unbearable. Not only do you feel this way, but so do the pests that live in the area outside of your home. In order to keep them from coming inside to warm up, make sure you…


Seal Windows & Doors
Not every window and door will properly fits its frame, resulting in a gap where a pest can scurry on through. Inspect each window and door in your home and fill any cracks and gaps with caulking and weatherstripping (which will also help lower your energy bills each month). Consider adding door sweeps to eliminate any openings between the bottom of the door and its frame.

Block Vents
Between the dryer’s exhaust vent, kitchen range vent, and attic ventilation, there are going to be a few openings in your home that you can’t cover. Instead, add a mesh screen to each one to allow for proper airflow and protection from pests. Opt for a metal mesh screen to prevent rodents and squirrels from chewing through them.

Inspect Recent Repairs
It’s possible for technicians to fix your HVAC system, electrical system, appliances, etc., but leave the surrounding area in worse shape than when they got there. After any major repair, always inspect the area for any possible cracks, or gaps that were made as a result of the repair. If there are any openings, plug them up with wire mesh and insulation.

When the temperatures drop, pests are going to look for a warm place to live — and your home is the perfect place. When your home becomes infested with pests, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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