How to Deal With Woodpeckers

Nothing is more annoying than waking up to the sound of a woodpecker hammering away at the side of your home. Not only can they disturb your beauty sleep, they can drill holes into your house, deck, and neighboring trees as they look for insects to eat.

When woodpeckers find a location they like, they can remain there for some time. So if you’re sick of dealing with the holes in your home and the sleepless early mornings, then it’s time to take action!

  • If you’re one that likes to feed the local birds, you may want to stop if your home is becoming damaged. Remove bird feeders and suet from your property.
  • Cut down dead trees to further limit the number of food sources and nesting areas, as woodpeckers prefer dead trees.
  • When your home sustains damage from a woodpecker, immediately fill those holes. Once you have solved your woodpecker problem, go ahead and repair them.
  • Scare away woodpeckers with loud noises. Use an air horn or clap two pieces of wood together when you hear one drilling into your home or neighboring trees. They should fly away.
  • To scare away woodpeckers when you’re not home, hang shiny objects around your property. The reflection of sunlight will startle them. You can purchase bird flash tape which is made for this very reason.
  • Cover the damaged area of your home with either bird netting or a metal sheathing. Both can prevent a woodpecker from drilling holes into the sides of your home or deck. Once woodpeckers fail enough times, they will go look elsewhere to drum and drill.

Woodpeckers are beautiful birds, but they make a ton of noise and can cause damage to your home, so they must be stopped!

When you have a woodpecker problem affecting your home, give us a call and we’ll humanely remove this problem from your life!

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