How a Burst Pipe Can Lead to a Pest Infestation

The days of freezing temperatures are here and we’re all feeling the effects as we speak! Along with the runny noses and spines filled with shivers, there’s one thing we should all be worried about — frozen pipes. When a water pipe freezes it has the chance to burst; and a burst pipe can lead to water damage and an impending pest infestation.

Which Pipes Are Susceptible to Freezing?

  • There are pipes that lead outside of your home that are directly exposed to these extreme temperatures. Pipes attached to sprinkler lines, outdoor hose bibs, and swimming pools are the first to freeze, which is why each of their water valves need to be turned off for the winter.
  • Other pipes that can easily freeze are water pipes located in any unheated areas of the home. This includes water pipes in the basement, garage, crawl space, attic, and even under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

How a Burst Pipe Can Lead to a Pest Infestation

When water freezes it can expand, causing the pipe to burst via the pressure that builds up behind the frozen water. With all of this water flowing out of the burst pipe, water damage and mold will ruin the inside of your home. If this weren’t bad enough, pests will head directly toward this newly water damaged area. A warm home with the addition of an easily accessible water source is everything mice, cockroaches, and many other insects look for when hiding from winter’s conditions.

How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Add insulation and pipe sleeves to exposed water pipes in any unheated areas of your home.
Winterize outdoor hose bibs by shutting off the water valve, draining the pipe and keeping it open, and insulating the faucet.
Make sure all sprinkler system and swimming pool water lines have been drained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

A burst pipe can ruin the inside of a person’s home — while also leaving it wide open to a pest infestation. If your home is being overrun by pests, give us a call and we’ll help you manage that infestation!

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