Control Stink Bugs and Reduce Risk of Infestation

stink-bug-side-view-close-upStink bugs are a growing problem throughout the New York Metro area. These foreign invasive pests first arrived in Pennsylvania in the mid 1990’s, but have spread to nearly every state since then.

Stink bugs are primarily an agricultural pest, but if they get into your home, you’ve got a stubborn problem. The fall months are when stink bug infestations get their start, as these insects seek shelter from the cold, so now is the time to adopt preventative measures.

Reduce the Risk of Stink Bug Infestations

Reducing the chances stink bugs will invade your property is easier than managing an infestation. Once these pests get into your walls, eliminating them is very difficult.

Consider a one-time fall treatment. We can apply an exterior perimeter barrier without even having to enter your home. The cost of the treatment is $175.00 plus tax. While we are there, we will show you the vulnerable insect entry points in your structure.



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