Cockroaches: Floor By Floor Guide

Of the four main cockroaches that occupy homes and commercial buildings, each one will prefer a specific level of the building. This is because each roach has a different preference for its living conditions. Since each species looks for certain temperatures and moisture levels, they won’t have to compete with one another. Understanding where each species lives will help you and the pest control expert better exterminate the infestation.

Penthouse Suite
In the warm and dry areas of the top floors, the German and brownbanded cockroaches will be found. The German cockroach will be looking for food and water so you will find them near kitchens and bathrooms in the upper floors. The brownbanded cockroach prefers the same type of environment, but does not find water as something of importance. Therefore, you will find this species in bedrooms and living rooms towards the top of the building.

Ground Floor
The ground floor of a building will usually be warm, yet damper than the top floors. This is the perfect environment for the American cockroach. The most common places for this pest are boiler rooms, storage rooms, restaurants, bakeries, and other warm commercial buildings.

Basements and crawl spaces are usually dark, damp, and cool spaces that are poorly ventilated. Oriental cockroaches will find this environment perfect to live in and will enter through any openings in the wall that may exist. Seeing this species of cockroach aboveground is very rare and unusual.

By knowing where each species of cockroach likes to live, you can better identify what type of infestation you have. Even though they tend to live on different floors of a building, an infestation is an infestation. To properly manage a cockroach infestation it is best to call in the professionals. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with Knockout Pest Control, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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