Carpenter Ant Season Gets a Late Start in New York and Long Island

Early summer is the usual start of increased carpenter ant activity, but the cold and rainy spring in the New York and Long Island area has shifted peak swarming into July.

Like termites, carpenter ants spread when an established colony produces winged males and females who swarm to mate and find new colonies. Like termites, carpenter ants can damage the wood used in your home or business. Termites actually eat wood, whereas carpenter ants just burrow through it to create living space for the colony. The destruction can be devastating just the same. Both species are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage every year. Carpenter ants can be as difficult to detect early in an infestation as termites and they, too, require professional exterminators to get rid of them.

Big Ants Are a Big Problem

carpenter-ant-eggsThe queen is the key to the colony. You must eliminate the queen and close off all entrance points or your carpenter ant problem is likely to return. As important to the life of the colony as the queen is, the ants you are likely to see are the scouts and soldiers. They look like the common ants you see in your garden—only much bigger. Carpenter ants measure a quarter to a half an inch in length.

If you see only one giant ant in or near your structure, it is very likely you have an infestation. Carpenter ants never live or work alone. For the every one you see, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, in the colony from which he came. Call a professional immediately as that is the only way you will know where these destructive creatures are living and how much damage they have done.

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Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out a Carpenter Ant Problem

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