5 Ways to Prevent Seasonal Pests in the Kitchen

Cooking is one of the merriest parts of the holidays, but it’s also an invitation for holiday pests. Even though pests in the kitchen are a year-round problem for many New York homeowners, it doesn’t mean you want to see them crawling across your kitchen counter while you’re making treats, preparing your holiday meal, or entertaining friends and family 

Here are five tips that will help you enjoy all the joy of preparing your favorite seasonal bites without causing a pest infestation in your kitchen.

Clean the Kitchen Regularly 

It sounds simple enough, but cleaning your kitchen regularly is key to keeping pests away this holiday season. The kitchen is often one of the first attractors for pests like ants, who can sniff out even the tiniest of crumbs from far away; keep in mind that once you have attracted pests to your kitchen, they can move from room to room, wreaking havoc throughout your home. 

To thoroughly clean your kitchen, we recommend frequently wiping down your countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Be sure to also sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly, and avoid leaving food crumbs or spills on any surfaces, because they may attract common household pests like rodents, cockroaches, and ants, to name a few.  

Keep Food Sealed and Covered 

With the excitement of preparing treats and holiday dishes, it can be easy to get lost in the merry moments and leave food out on the counter uncovered. Many common household pests are opportunistic eaters; if you leave some food on the counter, they’re going to swing by your holiday gathering to join in the fun of eating it, too. 

To keep pests out of your kitchen, use airtight containers for storing dried goods like cereal and bulk grains like rice. Make sure that all food containers have tight-fitting lids or seals and store them off of the floor. While it can be tempting to have snacks and treats out on the counter for convenient grabbing by holiday guests, it’s always a smart idea to use some sort of covering, even while entertaining, to prevent critters from joining your holiday celebration.  

While you’re putting food away, don’t forget about your pets’ food bowls! Pests are more than willing to eat cat or dog food if it’s readily available. Keep all pet food in a container with a tight lid and avoid leaving bowls out overnight. 

Dispose of Trash Regularly 

Another way you can prevent holiday pests is by frequently taking out the trash. You’ll want to avoid letting the garbage can overflow, and invest in both indoor and outdoor trash cans with lids that securely shut to prevent not only indoor pests but common outdoor trash pests like raccoons, too. Keep in mind that your trash can benefits from regular sanitizing, too; a quick wipe down with a sanitizing wipe works wonders for keeping pests at bay.

Fix Leaks 

In addition to shelter and food, which pests actively seek year-round, but especially in the winter when it’s chilly out, they are also drawn to water (they need it for survival, after all)! Regularly check any pipes, sinks, and faucets in and around your home to make sure there aren’t any leaks that could be causing excess moisture in your home and attracting critters.

Keep in mind, too, that water damage can lead to mold and other issues that attract pests such as termites, as well as a variety of health problems. 

Knock Out Holiday Pests Now 

In addition to a regular pest control service from Knockout Pest Control, following these simple kitchen cleaning tips will help you knock out holiday pests this season.  

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