5 Facts About German Cockroaches You Need to Know

Do you live in a home or own a business that has been compromised by cockroaches? Even if you’ve only seen a single cockroach, the chances are extremely high that there are plenty more not too far away. Of all the species of cockroach that exist — the German cockroach is one of the most common.

  • One Will Become Many – Did you know a single female cockroach reproduce hundreds (sometimes thousands) of offspring per year? It doesn’t stop there, those offspring will also reproduce — leaving anyone with a seriously difficult infestation to remove.
  • Heat & Humidity – The environment German cockroaches love to live in are usually ones above 80 degrees Fahrenheit with above 90 percent humidity. The perfect environment for them — kitchens, especially restaurant kitchens. Cockroaches will be attracted to water pipes (due to condensation) and heat-emitting appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, and storage freezers.
  • Always on the Move – While cockroaches will aggregate toward areas of high heat and humidity, they will also explore elsewhere. So if you’ve noticed cockroaches in one particular area of the building, chances are they’ve scattered to other rooms. Therefore, the entire house or building should be treated, not just where they’ve been discovered in the past.
  • Out of Sight – You may see a cockroach or two scurrying around, but a majority of the cockroaches living in the building will stay hidden. Cockroaches love to live in tight crevices and and cracks. Other areas where you’ll see cockroaches are inside of cabinets, underneath appliances, and in walls and ceilings where plumbing pipes are located.
  • Eggs Are Resistant – When a home or building is treated for a cockroach infestation, the cockroach eggs aren’t always affected by the preferred treatment. For someone who just called in for professional services, this is why you may see a cockroach just days later. When it comes to cockroach infestations, follow-ups are recommended to ensure all cockroaches have been managed.

German cockroaches are one type of pest you do not want in or around your home or business. When you fear that a cockroach infestation is present in your home or business, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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