5 Creepy Crawlers You Can Find Haunting Your Home

One of the greatest fears is to have a ghost haunt your home and family. While you might not experience this phenomena, you are easily more likely to be haunted by a real pest infestation. Halloween or not, here’s a list of pests that could be infesting your home at this very second!

  • Camel Crickets – If it looks like a spider but hops like a cricket, then you are providing shelter to camel crickets. These creepy-looking crickets look like they could do some damage if they hopped toward you, but luckily they’re harmless. However, you should have them removed immediately, as an infestation can get big (and messy) real quick!
  • Fungus Gnats – You may not have noticed, but fungus gnats are some of the most commonly found hose pests.They usually arrive via overwatered soil in house plants. If you find an infestation of gnats terrorizing your home, you may want to consider ditching these houseplants and focus on managing the humidity level until it’s below 50 percent.
  • Silverfish – Every year you go up into the attic (or down into the basement) to grab your Halloween decorations. This is the perfect hiding spot for silverfish to live, as they feed on paper, cardboard, clothes, decorations, glues, starches, etc. Thanks to their non-strict diet of eating virtually everything, they can cause a lot of damage to a home.
  • Book Lice – What’s more frightening than something that feeds on dead corpses? Book lice don’t sound too scary, but they will feed on dead insects, fungi, mold, and food products. Anything that will feed on the non-living needs to be banished from your home.
  • Spiders – Now, we save the best for last! There are dozens of species of spiders you can find crawling around your home — each one just as scary as the last. Luckily, most spiders only bite out of self-defense and only a select few are venomous. While spiders are spooky, they are nothing more than a nuisance pest and can actually help you kill other pests (horrific looking helpers, huh?).

An infestation of pests might actually be scarier than thinking there’s a ghost haunting your home — but that’s just how we feel. When you need a petrifying pest infestation removed from your home, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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