3 Habits to Develop for a Pest-Free 2018

The new year is within reach — have you completed everything you wanted to in 2017? For those still living in a home that’s still filled with pests, you could be doing a lot better. Make 2018 the year you finally get a handle on all of your pest problems. Here’s how you can make this resolution come to fruition:

Daily/Weekly Cleanings

  • On a daily basis, you should be wiping down counters, cleaning up spills, taking care of dirty dishes, and making sure there’s nothing on the floors (food crumbs, dirty laundry, etc.).
  • On a weekly basis, you should be sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets, providing more in-depth cleanings to high-traffic areas (the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, bedrooms).

Monthly Inspections

Once per month, you should be conducting a visual inspection of your home. Keep an eye out for any cracks, holes, or gaps in the envelope of your home that would allow entry to outside pests (and make the necessary repairs). Make sure you also look for warning signs of common pest infestations:

  • Termites: Hollow sounds when knocking on wood
  • Rodents: Gnaw marks and scattered feces
  • Bed Bugs: Small, dark specks on bedding and bite marks on skin
  • Pantry Pests: The presence of bugs inside of boxed and bagged food

Keep Water Content Down

All pests are attracted to moisture as many of them need a water source to thrive. With plumbing running through your home, one small leak could attract an entire pest infestation in a matter of days. It’s important to make sure your plumbing system experiences no leaks at all times. You should also use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms to remove any moisture when cooking and showering.

The year 2018 can be a pest-free year — it’s up to you and your daily habits if you want this to be a reality. When a pest infestation is already in place at your home, give us a call and we’ll start lacing up our gloves…

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