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Trelona termite treatment

Trelona is a cutting-edge termite baiting system that provides reliable and effective protection against termite infestations. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our professionals strategically place Trelona bait stations around your property to create a powerful barrier that intercepts and eliminates termites before they can cause significant damage to your home.


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Key Features of Trelona Termite Treatment

Trelona has a successful track record of protecting properties from termite infestations. Its advanced bait matrix and targeted application provide efficient and reliable termite control, offering you peace of mind year-round.

Some key features of Trelona include:

Minimal Disruption
Trelona bait stations can be installed with minimal disturbance to your landscape and property. Our technicians carefully assess your property to determine the optimal placement of bait stations, ensuring a discreet and efficient termite control solution.

Innovative Bait Matrix
Trelona uses a unique bait matrix that combines an irresistible cellulose-based food source with an active ingredient, novaluron. This combination is highly attractive to termites, ensuring quick consumption and effective elimination of the entire colony.

Long-Lasting Protection
Trelona bait stations provide ongoing protection against termite infestations. The bait remains active for an extended period, allowing for continuous monitoring and termite control, keeping your property safe and secure.

Trelona is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. The targeted baiting system ensures that only termites are affected, reducing the risk to non-target organisms and making it a responsible choice for termite control.

Expert Monitoring
Our technicians will regularly check and maintain Trelona bait stations, replacing the bait as needed and ensuring the highest level of protection for your property.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Termite Problem Fast

Don’t let termites destroy your property. Contact Knockout Pest Control today to schedule a free inspection and protect your home or business with our advanced Trelona termite treatment.

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