Got a pest problem? We can help. The experts at Knockout Pest Control can save your home or business from annoying pests. Whether termites are nibbling at the foundation; rats have found their way into the attic; or bed bugs are causing rashes for your guests, we’ve got affordable, safe solutions. We can resolve your pest problem once and for all. 

How Knockout Is Different

Choosing the right Rockland pest control service can be a challenge. How can you determine who’s really qualified—who uses the best equipment, has the ability to handle challenging jobs, and operates with integrity? The Knockout Pest Control team is battle tested and credentialed. We carry Green Pro and LEED certifications. And we’re extremely responsive. We treat inquiries like the emergencies our clients understand them to be. We’re available seven days a week to help you reclaim control.

Pest Management Services We Offer

Our goal is simple: eliminate your pests, so you can live your life without interruption or anxiety. Here’s what we do to help:

  • Termite inspection and removal
  • Bed bug inspection and removal
  • Pest elimination services for:
    • Ants
    • Squirrels
    • Insects
    • Rodents
    • Birds
    • Bees

Get Rid of Termites and Bed Bugs

Termites and bed bugs can be such a pain. We work to remove them with the least amount of damage to your home. Termites can cause a surprising amount of damage to structures in a short amount of time. They chew through wood and other materials, inviting water damage and creating space for other pests. Never fear—our expert team can identify the type of termites bothering you. Armed with this information, we use an integrated approach to eliminate them for good.

Bed bugs are also a tremendous annoyance. Estimates suggest they’re an increasing problem here in  Rockland—infestations are up over 125% from where they were five years ago. Our team uses heat and cryonite (cold) treatments to destroy bed bugs at all life cycle stages. These environmentally friendly methods keep them from reproducing and returning in the future.

We work to keep your home safe and prevent pests from finding a way in. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our professionals get it right the first time, so you can be pest free. Call today for pricing and information. We’ll solve the issue, so you can stop worrying and breathe easy.

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