Why Your Parents’ House is FILLED With Pests!

Heading over to your parents’ house can be a regular occurrence. Whether it’s for dinner, to help them with a task, or just to drop by to say hello.

But the last few times you’ve gone to their home, have you noticed pests inside of the house?

Ants, roaches, beetles, mice, and many other pests can easily infest your parents’ home, and here’s why this is happening:

Cleanings Aren’t as Thorough as They Used to Be

When you were younger, you remembered your parent’s house being clean and organized (or at least they were always trying to keep it that way). But now you notice the house isn’t how it used to look.

There’s crumbs scattered throughout the kitchen, small spills underneath tables and appliances, and stains across the surfaces. And don’t forget about the bathroom with its constantly wet floor.

As you age, It can be difficult to clean as well as you used to. First things first, your vision isn’t as sharp so you may overlook small things like crumbs or surface stains. Next, you’re not able to bend down like you used to so soaking up water from the floor or cleaning spills isn’t a walk in the park.

Unfortunately, pests like ants, roaches, and rodents LOVE crumbs and spills. Therefore, if your parents’ house is looking more disheveled lately, consider hiring a cleaning person to come each week to help give their home the deep clean it needs.

The House is Filled With Clutter

For those with parents still living in the same home you were raised in, chances are it’s housing a LOT of stuff. Retiring and moving into a new home (whether it’s downsizing or moving to a new location) forces you to go through all of your things and get rid of what you’re not bringing to the new home.

Therefore, if your parents are in the same house they’ve been in for years and years — chances are there’s a lot of clutter throughout the house. Whether it’s the basement, attic, closets, or every room in the house!

And we’ll give you one guess on what pests LOVE to use as shelter…

If you guessed clutter, then you’re spot on! If any room in the house (especially damp areas like basements and attics) is overly filled with clutter, take the time to get rid of what you don’t need AND store the items properly in sealable plastic containers.

If you take away the food sources and ideal living conditions from pests, there’s a lesser chance they’ll invade your parents’ home — or yours!

However, if you or your family is dealing with a pest infestation, we’ll gladly help out. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll be right over!

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