Why Vacation Homes Are Vulnerable To Pest Infestations

Having a vacation home comes in handy when the summer rolls around. Unfortunately, vacation homes are vulnerable to pest infestations because they are left uninhabited for long stretches of time. Below are some steps you can take to prevent infestations at your vacation home. 

Keep The Kitchen Clean

Pests could end up in your vacation home because they are on the hunt for food sources. That is why people tend to find pests in the kitchen! Keeping your kitchen clean will deter pests from making your vacation home their new residence. 

Seal Possible Entryways

It will be that much easier for pests to gain access to your vacation home if there are cracks or gaps located on the exterior of the house. To avoid this scenario altogether, be sure to patch up these crevices. Keeping the doors and windows shut is another way to seal off possible entryways to any unwanted critters. 

Inspect Pieces Of Furniture For Bed Bugs

Upon arriving back to your vacation home, inspect all pieces of furniture for bed bugs. After all, bed bugs can survive for months at a time without a blood meal. You will rest easier at night knowing there are no bed bugs in your bed!

Have you discovered a pest infestation in your vacation home? If so, trust the professionals at Knockout Pest Control to handle the situation. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count!

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