Ways To Avoid Bringing Pests Into Your Home Via Packages

It is no surprise that online shopping is a safer alternative to in-store shopping during the pandemic. However, having boxes delivered to your front door could also bring pests into your house. Below are some tips that can prevent pests from hitchhiking their way into your home via packages. 

Check The Package For Gnaw Marks

Pests are not known for their ability to cover their tracks. In other words, they may make their presence known by chewing through the box. That is why it is so important to check the exterior of the package for these bite marks. 

Open The Package Outside Of Your House

Since packages are often delivered to your front porch, it is a good idea to open them outside. After all, it is better to spot pests that have invaded your precious cargo before bringing them into your humble abode! In the event that you do spot pests in your package, be sure to discard the box in a sealed trash receptacle. 

Deconstruct Boxes

Regardless of whether or not your package contained unwanted critters, remember to deconstruct the box. Some pests are drawn to cardboard boxes because they provide a new hiding spot. Breaking down these boxes once you are done with them gives pests one less place to seek shelter. 

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