Termite Season in New York: Getting Ready for Spring

termite-workiersSpring is termite swarm season when millions of hungry termites take wing to look for food. Don’t let your home become a new termite nest site. New York is in the heavy termite infestation belt. As many as one in five homes in the New York metro area have a termite problem. Here is a checklist you can use to make sure you don’t become the next victim:

1) Eliminate termite food by getting rid of wood near your home. Don’t stack logs next to your house. Cut down dead trees. Remove stumps and roots. Don’t let heavy brush grow against your house. Keep mulch and wood ground cover away from your foundation. Rubber mulch around your foundation is a better choice.

2) Eliminate moisture. Leaking pipes and humidity around your foundation is a termite attractor. Remove debris that traps moisture and divert drainage from rain, air conditioners and downspouts from your home.

3) Inspect, inspect, inspect! Termites need warmth, which is why your home is more attractive than a dead tree. Once they take up residence, the colony will enjoy their cozy new home. A problem caught early is a problem solved inexpensively. The small cost of an annual spring inspection is insurance that pays for itself. Prevent major structural damage before it starts. Schedule an appointment now

Some people say New York only has two kinds of homes—those with termites and those that will get them someday. Beat the odds by being proactive.

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