Popular Pests in the Office Building

The office building is a place of professionalism, hard work, and — pests! Just because you wear a suit and tie to work doesn’t mean that the building is clean and animal free. Unfortunately, there are a few pests that will find their way into your place of work.

Pantry Pests – Cigarette beetles and indianmeal moths are two pests that you can find in the cabinets and snack racks of the break room. If packaged food is left for too long these pests can make their way inside and lay eggs. Once this happens there will be even more spread out through the building.
Ants – If there are any crumbs on the floor, ants will be sure to find their way to them. Most break rooms aren’t cleaned as much as they should so be on the lookout for a few marching in line.
Fruit Flies – I’m sure you’ve opened the refrigerator and have seen a few expired apples or oranges. So you throw them out, but notice a swarm of small flies around them. These pests will emerge from the fruit because adult fruit flies will lay their eggs inside of them.
Fungus Gnats – If you’ve ever seen extremely small gnats flying around your head as you work, look to the office plants as the reason why. If there are plants nearby that are overwatered, fungus gnats will begin to appear.
Cockroaches – Whether you have food crumbs on the floor or there’s an infestation in the building next door, cockroaches can easily infest your office building. As long as there’s a small crack in the wall or foundation, they’ll find a way to wiggle into your work space.

The office is a place where work gets done and the bills get paid. However, it’s also a place where pets like to infest and look for food. When your office building has been compromised by pests, contact the professionals at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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