Pests That Could Be Living In Your Family Room

Have you made a new year’s resolution to spend more time with your family in 2021? If so, do not let pests ruin this quality time! Keep reading to find out which pests could be living in your family room.

Bed Bugs

A bed is not the only place that bed bugs are fond of! After all, bed bugs also enjoy hiding away in couch cushions. If you and your family spend long stretches of time relaxing on the couch, this provides bed bugs with the perfect opportunity to emerge and feed on a new host. 


Is there anything more fun than having some snacks while watching a movie in the family room? We think not! Unfortunately, ants will be drawn to these delectable snacks as well.

Stink Bugs

It is common for family rooms to be located on the first floor of a home. In fact, most family rooms tend to be adjacent to the front door. This proximity to the entryway of the house makes it easy for pests such as stink bugs to waltz right into your family room. 

Did you discover pests in your family room? If you can relate, trust the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control to handle the situation. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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