Pest of the Month: House Mouse


Everything may seem good and quiet within your house, but you may not notice that your home has a mouse. If you happen to notice a hole or wall indentation, your home may be compromised with a mouse infestation. Knowing their profile and what they’re about, can help you dispose of them and knock them out!


  • Size: < 1 ounce
    • Body: 2-3 inches
    • Tail: 3-4 inches
  • Color: Gray or light brown
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Large ears, long snout, black eyes
  • Whereabouts: Any sheltered area in the house


What They Infest
When a mouse enters your home it will scurry throughout your house as it pleases. Since they are nocturnal they will find a cozy, sheltered place within the house to stay during the daytime. Mice will travel from room to room through small holes and cracks in the wall that can be as small as ¼ inch. Any place in the house where food or some form of glue resides is where you’ll most likely find your pesky house mouse.


Pest Management
Mice can easily reproduce, spread disease, and chew through your home’s structure causing a lot of damage. The second you notice a single mouse, or its droppings, it is best to act quick to rid them from your home. Start with prevention measures to make sure additional mice do not join the party. Clean up after yourself when preparing food, make sure garbage is placed in secure bins, and seal all holes and cracks throughout your home. While these measures are being taken, contact your local pest control professionals for extermination.

Whether you believe your home is infested with mice or not, know thy enemy before going into battle with them. For the most effective pest management, contact your local experts at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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