Pest Control Tips To Keep In Mind When Decorating For The Holidays

There is something special about decorating your house for the holidays. The last thing on your mind during the busy holiday season is probably dealing with a pest infestation. Below are some pest control tips to keep in mind as you adorn your home with festive decor.

Inspect Greenery

Nothing says it is the holiday season quite like trees, garland, and wreaths. However, it is imperative for you to inspect any type of greenery for pests before bringing it into your humble abode. In particular, be on the lookout for mites, spiders, and moths as these pests are notorious for building nests there. 

Check Decorations

One laborious aspect of decorating is lifting and moving boxes that have been stored away in the basement, garage, or attic for months at a time. Unfortunately, these areas of the home offer the perfect conditions for pests to thrive in. If you spot gnaw marks on the boxes, it is possible that you have a pest infestation on your hands. 

Store Firewood Properly

A lot of people spread holiday cheer by hanging up their stockings by the fireplace. Before you warm up by the hearth of the home, remember to check the firewood for pests such as termites, ants, and spiders. Once you are done with the fire, be sure to store the remaining logs of wood 20 feet away from your house. 

Did you discover pests in your home as you were decking the halls with boughs of holly? If you can relate, turn to the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control for assistance. We can knockout pests and keep them down for the count! 

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