Pest Control Tips for Businesses

Preventative commercial pest control is a necessity. It can save business owners time, money, and their reputation. In today’s world, one negative post on social media can be a determining factor in the success or demise of a business. Someone discovering a pest on your premises is a property manager’s nightmare.

Below are 6 tips to prevent pests from invading your business or property.

  • Install door sweeps – Pests find entry through the smallest cracks, so it should come as no surprise that doors provide easy access for pests to enter your property. Prevent mice and insects from crawling through the small gaps under the door with door sweeps.
  • Inspect the drains – This is especially important where food is involved. We think any food that goes down the drain is gone for good. Small particles are often left behind and the odor attracts pests. Routine drain inspections are essential to keeping pests out of your sink or floor drains.
  • Minimize landscaping – When it comes to landscaping, we give the same advice to homeowners and property managers. Keep bushes and trees as far away from the property as possible. If you have bushes, make sure to keep them trimmed. Certain species of plants and flowers are more likely to attract pests. Speak with your landscaper to identify the best option for you.
  • Keep trash bins at a distance – If there’s one thing that attracts pests, it’s garbage. It doesn’t take long for critters to wander from the garbage to inside the property. Keep trash bins far away from the property and be sure they are equipped with lids that securely shut.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water – Bird baths, plant pots, and over watered  lawns can attract mosquitoes. Look around your property and remove standing water.
  • Find a pest control partner you can trust – Your pest control provider should evaluate your property conditions and develop a preventative plan to minimize your risk of pest prevention.

Knockout Pest Control provides commercial and residential pest control services. If you suspect your property has a pest infestation, or you’re looking for preventative maintenance, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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