Not All Ants Are Equal Pests–Carpenter Ants vs. Pavement Ants; Know the Difference

Not all ants are created equal, but any ant species can become a pest—particularly in the spring when new breeding queens look for new places to found new colonies. Now is the time to keep your eye peeled for carpenter ant and pavement ant infestations.


The New York City metro area, including Long Island and Westchester and Duchess Counties is home to two common ant pests: Carpenter ants and common pavement ants.

Carpenter Ants Are Large Insects–and a Big Problem

If you see even one “big ant” crawling in or around your home, that could be a sign of a big problem. They can be every bit as destructive as termites, destroying wood to create their nests. Growing up to ¾ inch long, they can ruin furniture, wreak costly damage to woodwork, and even weaken structural beams in buildings. You might just see one, but colonies can include 40,000 ants. Getting rid of carpenter ants fast—or preventing carpenter ants from nesting in the first place—should be on the top of your springtime to-do list.

Learn more about signs you might have a carpenter ant infestation and how to identify carpenter ants

If you suspect you have a carpenter ant problem, get professional help. If you treat a carpenter ant infestation yourself, you might just move the problem from one place to another. Schedule a carpenter ant inspection

Common Pavement Ants

The little black or red ants crawling around the sidewalks of your property are usually not a problem. When they dig under walkways and masonry, they can cause unsightly mounds, heaves and cracks. If they get inside, they can create a gateway for other pests. Common pavement ants are one of the pests covered under Knockout Pest Controls economical and integrated year-round KO-12 pest management package.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out an Ant Problem or Carpenter Ant Infestation

Knockout Pest Control is your local expert at knocking out all kinds of ant problems and carpenter ant infestations–and we keep them down for the count. Every member of our team receives over 100 hours of classroom instruction and in-the-field training so you are guaranteed a knockout punch to your pest problem every time. We serve all of Long Island, New York City, and Westchester and Rockland Counties. Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 We respond like every pest problem is an emergency with fast, 24 hour service seven days a week. We don’t have the big red boxing glove in our logo for nothing!

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