Long Island and New York Termite Season–Get Ready Now

Long Island and New York termite season officially starts when these insects begin swarming, but don’t wait until you see clouds of termites taking wing. Take a few steps now while the ground is still frozen and the wind is still biting cold to ensure that termites don’t invade your home.

  • Remove termite food by getting rid of wood near your home. Keep firewood outside and far from your home. Remove dead trees and stumps. Prune vegetation to make sure no branches are touching your house. If you use wood mulch, keep it away from your foundation—and consider a rubber mulch alternative around your house.
  • Inspect for moisture in and around the foundation of your home. Divert rain run-off, air conditioner condensation and extend downspouts. Remove debris that can trap moisture.
  • Inspect, inspect, inspect! A problem caught early is a problem solved inexpensively. The small cost of an annual spring inspection is insurance that pays for itself. Prevent major structural damage before it starts. Schedule an appointment now [link to appointment page]

Why Call Knockout Pest Control Before New York Termite Season

  • We are the industry leader when it comes to termite expertise
  • We the area’s leader in using Sentricon. We have been protecting New York homes since 1975.
  • We are among the 1% of pest control companies in the country to earn the QualityPro Green certification. That means that we adhere to the highest standards of workmanship, service and training. All of our workers are background and drug tested.

Some people say New York only has two kinds of homes—those with termites and those that will get them someday. Beat the odds by being proactive.

Be ready for New York termite season–learn more about termites

Get up to date on the latest treatments and management methods [link to treatments page]

About termite inspections

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Termite Infestations

If you find yourself facing down a termite infestation, we can knock them out and keep them down for the count. Our innovative, green treatments and our deep knowledge and expertise put them down for the count. We serve all of Long Island, New York City, and Westchester and Rockland Counties. Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 for fast service seven.


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