Items In Your Home That Could Be Attracting Pests

When it comes to pests, the main goal is to keep them far away from your property. However, you may own certain items that are enticing to pests. Keep reading to discover what they are.

A Stack Of Dirty Dishes

After preparing and finishing a large meal, you may have no desire to clean those dirty dishes. However, the leftover food scraps could be drawing flies, ants, and cockroaches into your kitchen. You are better off just cleaning the dishes to begin with.

Bird Food

It turns out that birds aren’t the only ones who enjoy eating birdseed! In fact, birdseed can attract insects such as moths onto your property. To avoid a moth infestation on your property, be sure to store the birdseed in a sealed plastic container. 

Garbage Bags

The smell that comes from a garbage bag is usually a foul odor that sends people running in the opposite direction. Believe it or not, that same odor is appealing to mice and raccoons. To keep these pests away from your trash can, remember to tightly seal the garbage bag and put the lid on.

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