Is Your Christmas Tree Hiding Bugs?


Finding the perfect Christmas tree is one of the most exciting moments of the entire holiday season. However, Christmas can turn dark if you purchase a tree that is filled with creepy crawlers. As soon as you find the perfect tree for your home, make sure you…


Shake It Off
As soon as you purchase your brand new Christmas tree, you’re going to want to shake it — real good. Shaking the tree will help remove a majority of the bugs that might be hiding within. Check the tree farm you purchase it from because they might have a mechanical shaker that does it for you. If not, it looks like you’re in for a good arm workout!

Driveway Inspection
Right before you bring the Christmas tree into the house, give it a quick inspection to make sure there are no bugs on it. The most common insects you’ll see on the tree are mites, bark beetles, aphids, adelgids, and spiders. Some will nestle their way into the trunk, while others will be on the limbs where the green needles are. Use a flashlight to check tree limbs and the trunk for any hiding pests and their eggs.

Finding Bugs After the Fact
If you come to find out later that your tree was infested with bugs, head to the closet and grab your trusty vacuum cleaner. Sucking up these pests are the best way to remove them from your home. Don’t panic because you think your home is now infested with pests. While it might be infested now, most of these insects will stay close to the tree as they can’t survive without it. For any pests that survive after the tree is gone, contact your local pest control experts.

Christmas is filled with family, love, gifts — and sometimes pesky pests! When you need an infestation removed from your home or business, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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