How To Prevent A Rodent Infestation In Your House This Fall

Some homeowners try to squeeze in a few home improvement projects before the winter sets in. However, these plans can get derailed if you are too busy dealing with a rodent infestation in your home. Below are some tips that will help prevent this scenario from happening in the first place.

Seal Holes With Steel Wool

If you have holes located on the exterior of your home, it is basically an open invitation for rodents to enter your house. Be sure to seal these holes with steel wool. After all, this will make it that much harder for rodents to become your new roommates.

Have A Chimney Cap Installed

One sneaky way that rodents gain access to your home is through the chimney. The last thing you want to see coming down the chimney is a mouse or a rat! Luckily, you can avoid this situation altogether by having a chimney cap installed. 

Keep Your House Dry & Well Ventilated

Rodents are often drawn to moisture sites. To make your house less enticing for these pests, do your best to keep your house dry and well ventilated. This is especially important for basements and attics; as these areas are notorious for having inadequate ventilation. 

Do you have a rodent infestation on your hands? If you can relate, trust the professionals here at Knockout Pest Control to handle the situation. We can knockout rodents and keep them down for the count!

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