Easy Ways to Keep Pests Out of the Office


When you think of an office building; plain, boring, and clean usually comes to mind, right? Wrong! Just because an office doesn’t have as many items inside of it as a house would, doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to becoming infested. To prevent pests from entering your office, keep these pest prevention tips in mind.


  • A Clean Desk – Not everyone has the luxury of being able to clock out and eat their lunch in a fancy cafeteria. Some will choose to work through their lunch, which means eating their delicious packed lunch at their desk. Unfortunately, crumbs will collect here if you don’t regularly clean your work space. Wherever there are crumbs, expect to see ants in no time at all.
  • Kitchen Cleanup – The break room or work kitchen is oftentimes the place where you’re most likely to find a pest in the office. Between the refrigerator where the food is kept, beside the microwave or toaster oven where crumbs can sit, and by the sink where water can splash, this kitchen is a watering hole for ants, roaches, and rodents.
  • Clean Out Clutter – If there are any areas of the office with an obscene amount of clutter, pests will use this space as a home. Whether there are stacks of boxes, papers, or stored materials, pests will set up shop here. If the storage area utilizes cardboard boxes, check them regularly to see if a rodent or roach has found its way inside.
  • Outside Inspection – Pests don’t just magically appear inside of offices — there’s always a point of entry. Check the exterior of the building for cracks or gaps that need to be sealed. Make sure there are also no dumpsters too close to the building as the garbage within can attract all types of pests.

Pests do not discriminate — thy will infest any place they can enter, whether it’s your home, business, or office building. When your business or home becomes infested with pests, contact the pros at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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