Common Bed Bug Myths Debunked


Bed bugs are more than just a part of a childhood nursery rhyme; they’re actual blood sucking pests! These miniature vampires can multiply to the point where an infestation will start to develop. There are few common misconceptions about bed bugs and it’s about time that some light was shed on this topic.

Myth: The dirtier the home, the more at risk you are.
Fact: This is one of the biggest misconceptions because it is completely false. Bed bugs are one of the few pests that will inhabit your home or workplace no matter the cleanliness. However, you can decrease the number of hiding spots that they can hide in by reducing clutter in your home or business.

Myth: Once there’s an infestation, all clothes and linens must be thrown away.
Fact: You can salvage all of your clothing and linen by throwing them in the washing machine with the water set to hot. (Multiple washes may be needed.)

Myth: Bed bugs stay confined to the bedroom.
Fact: While the most common area to find bed bugs is in the bedroom, you can also find them in other furniture, drapery, carpets, and clothing.

Myth: You are only at risk when you are in the dark.
Fact: While these pests only like to come out in the dark, they can still bite during the day when it’s light out. Laying on a bed or sofa during the day will still put you at risk if you have a bed bug infestation.

Myth: Bed bugs are microscopic.
Fact: Unlike dust mites, bed bugs are not microscopic. These blood suckers can be seen with the naked eye and can be the size of a poppy, sesame, or apple seed.

Now that you are aware of these myths and the facts that lie behind them, you can better handle the steps of prevention and extermination of bed bugs. If your home or business is currently infested with bed bugs, act fast by calling the pros at Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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