A Compliment to One of Our Own

Not too long ago, we received a compliment that we just had to share! A local businessman that is well-respected in the NY metro area had received some of our services for his buildings. During these services, he wrote us a letter to make sure one of our beloved employees was properly recognized. And here is that exact letter:


Mr. Katz,

As a long term businessman dealing directly with the public I have been the recipient of many letters in regard to my employees. Sadly, most have been complaints.

That is why when I come across an outstanding team member, I make sure a compliment is sent.

Dee Altieri is one of those amazing people and I wanted to write you and make sure you know just how terrific she is.

Some time ago I contacted Dee requesting assistance with an infestation of bedbugs I discovered in a three family building I own in Brooklyn. She was professional, knowledgeable, well informed, and was able to help me quickly manage the situation.

That is why, upon discovering a new problem in the building, (ants) I immediately contacted Dee.

This time she was even more amazing. She explained all my options, made sure to arrange an immediate, comprehensive intervention, helped me contract with you for ongoing service and did it all at a fair price.

Finally, because some exterminators have given your industry a less-than-stellar name, Dee was able to make it clear that you run your business in a highly ethical manner. I quote;

“Mr. Katz is an honest and wonderful man and you have absolutely nothing to worry about!”

I want to thank you for having this great team member, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with your company moving forward.


We would like to say thank you to Frank for taking the time to write this amazing letter! And of course, we would like to recognize Dee for all of the hard work she does — while always keeping a smile on her face! Thank you for all that you do!

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