5 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home


When was the last time you saw a spider creepily walk past you and you didn’t have a mini freak out? Chances are, probably not too often. No one wants to see spiders inhabiting their home, so here are a few ways to keep them out.


  1. Cracks Be Gone – Like most pests, spiders can enter your home via the cracks, gaps, and holes in your home. It’s up to you to seal these entrances to limit your chances of having spiders and any other pest from having free access to your house. For cracks and small holes around windows and door frames, use a caulking sealant to fill the void.
  2. Clean the Yard – Spiders will run towards vegetation as this is a hiding spot they can house themselves in. When it’s time for them to search for food, they will look for the nearest source. If the vegetation happens to be up against your house, you can bet on them looking for an entrance point for access to your home.
  3. Clean Sweep – Keep your home clean by sweeping and cleaning up any crumbs and spills regularly. Failing to do so will increase your chances of being infested by other pests, like ants and other small bugs. Since these pests are a spider’s food source, your chances of having an infestation of spiders will also increase.
  4. Removal By Force – Spiders spin webs and lay eggs, and it’s up to you to remove them as soon as they’re created. Every couple of days, vacuum your home from top to bottom to remove any laid eggs, possible webs, and crumbs that could attract a spider’s prey. Keep a hand vacuum nearby in case you see a web throughout your day.
  5. Call the Pros – If your efforts aren’t working to keep these spiders out of your home, it might be time to call in the pros. Pest management professionals have the knowledge and resources to have the best chance of managing and removing any infestation from your home. Plus, who really wants to chase spiders around their house all day?

Having spiders in your home is the last thing you want to see, so take the steps to keep these creepy crawlers out. When you have a spider infestation and need it removed, contact Knockout Pest Control. To learn more, or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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