3 Hiding Places Where You’ll Find Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the ugliest, dirtiest, and creepiest pests you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Unfortunately, these disgusting pests can sneak into your home (or business) and make your place their own home.

If you’ve been finding the warning signs of cockroaches or you’ve seen one scurrying along, you may want to check these common cockroach hiding spots.

1) Pipe Entrances

It’s no secret that most pests LOVE areas with high levels of moisture and humidity, especially cockroaches. The plumbing in your home (which is filled with water) does a fine job at attracting roaches — and you should double down on this statement if any leaks or condensation exists.

Where pipes enter the home via the ground, exterior of the home, or the basement are usually high-traffic areas for cockroaches. This is their entryway to your home and they’re drawn here by the moisture your pipes provide to them.

2) Appliances

Most of the appliances in your home (or at your small business) either emit heat, contain food, or utilize water. All three of these factors are things roaches look for in a place to live.

Refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines each utilize water, emit heat, and can contain forms of food (stored food, soiled clothing, or crumbs and spills underneath the appliance). Smaller appliances like toasters, microwaves, blenders, and toaster ovens can also attract cockroaches due to the crumbs and spills they can house as well.

In addition to appliances, plumbing fixtures also attract cockroaches. These include water heaters, boilers, and heating systems that utilize water/steam (baseboard heating).

3) Paper Products

The reason paper products are such a valued thing among cockroaches is that they offer them shelter, a food source, and a place to leave their waste. What more could a cockroach ask for than that!?

Cardboard, stacks of documents, and food/beverage boxes are all paper products cockroaches love most. However, the king of all paper products is the envelope!

Envelopes are seen as a luxury to cockroaches because of the glue on the seal. Cockroaches are drawn to envelopes because of the smell of the glue and are fond of the texture it has. So remember to go through your mail and throw away any junk along with the envelopes right away, rather than leaving it in stacks on the counter.

Cockroaches can hide in the smallest of spaces throughout your home, but there are a few spots these pests LOVE to hide.

If you’re currently experiencing a cockroach infestation (because even seeing one means there’s an infestation elsewhere in your home or business), please give us a call!

The last thing you want to do is wait too long, and the infestation grows to a level that makes it difficult to manage.

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