How You Can Keep Termites Away


A homeowner’s worst nightmare is having an infestation of termites. That’s because they are one of the most destructive pests to ever exist. Even if your home isn’t infested with termites, one should still take precautions to keep it that way.

Defend Your Castle
Treating the soil on your property is a way to keep termites away from your home. Certain soil treatments use a similar ingredient that is used to kill fleas on household pets. When applied to the soil, vegetation will not be affected. However, it does have a small effect on animal life, but it is not lethal. After your property is properly treated, any termites that come in contact with the treatment will eventually die off in a few months’ time.

Bait the Hook
Bait and monitoring systems are a great way to rid your home of termites — the most popular and effective being Sentricon. Each bait station is placed in intervals around the property with raw wood bait inside. Check on the traps periodically and if there are termites in them, you switch the bait out with termiticide. The termite will then bring some of this poison back to its colony, killing the others off as well. This process does take time and like other treatments it will not work overnight.

Since termites cause billions of dollars in damages every year, it is best to treat any problems quickly and efficiently. Not only is it important to catch the infestation early, but it is even more important that you seek professional help to manage your pest problems. Rely on the experts at Knockout Pest Control to manage your infestation and keep them away from your home. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 244-7378.

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