Pest control and removal services are one of the most essential services for any household and business. Getting rid of pests can be a tedious task and requires various preventive and advanced methods to do so. Effective pest extermination services require the expertise of technicians and professionals.

Whether it’s a termite problem, bed bug infestation, or ant treatment, all of our services are completed by trusted pest control service providers in Westbury. At Knockout Pest Control in Westbury, we provide excellent pest removal and control services. Best of all, our processes are designed to ensure customer satisfaction. We help you get rid of your pest related problems and prevent future issues from arising. Our company understands that to you, your pest issue is an emergency. Our team is ready 24 hours, seven days a week for all pest related emergencies.

Why Choose Knockout Pest Management?

Knockout Pest Control’s expert team in Westbury has years of experience in pest control and helping to keep our clients’ homes and businesses pest free. We are the best pest management company in Westbury and will help you to keep your home safe from pests and prevent new ones from getting in. Our technicians are Green Pro, and LEED certified.

Pest Control Services

Our job is simple. Identify pests that cause problems and prevent future infestations. Our bug-removal services include: 

  • Termite inspection and removal
  • Bed bug inspection and removal
  • Pest elimination services for:
    • Ants
    • Squirrels
    • Insects
    • Rodents
    • Birds
    • Bees

Getting Rid of Termites and Bed Bugs at the Source

Knockout Pest’s expert bed bugs and termite exterminator service thoroughly does a complete check of your property, weeding out pest infestations from the most unlikely of places for a permanent termite solution. Termites work tirelessly over time to compromise the structure of your home or building. Their destruction is costly to repair, and it can increase the likelihood of other problems. Bed bugs can also spread diseases and at minimum, will cost you many sleepless nights!

The Knockout team at Westbury knows when, how, and what it takes to get rid of these pests and prevent them from coming back. We use best practices, surgically targeting the pests with environmentally friendly methods. Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 for fast. 24-hour pest control service, seven days a week. 

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