Pests pose serious threats to our health, homes and businesses. They often carry diseases, track in dirt and can cause even compromise the structure of a building. When you have a pest issue, it’s imperative to fix the problem immediately. Knockout Pest Control provides the best services for pest control and removal in Pelham. 

Why Knockout?

Knockout Pest Control is Pelham’s most experienced and best pest extermination company. Our team of professionals handle every call like an emergency because that’s what it is to our clients. We provide pest inspections, removal, and extermination services at competitive and affordable rates. All the technicians and experts at Knockout Pest are trained and certified, assuring you of the best professional and quality service. They are Green Pro, and LEED certified. Our team is ready seven days a week for all pest related emergencies.

Pest Control Services

Our team identifies the pests that are causing the problem and use an integrated approach to get rid of them and keep them away permanently. Our bug-removal services include:

  • Termite inspection and removal
  • Bed bug inspection and removal
  • Our services include:
    • Ants
    • Squirrels
    • Insects
    • Rodents
    • Birds
    • Bees

Getting Rid of Termites and Bed Bugs at the Source

Termites work tirelessly over time to compromise the structure of your home or building. Their destruction is costly to repair, and it can increase the likelihood of other problems. Bed bugs, meanwhile, also cause a wide variety of problems. Knockout Pest Control offers the best Bed Bug and Termite extermination services in Pelham and can rid your home or office of bed bugs or termites quickly and efficiently. We use environmentally safe measures for bed bug control. We offer cost-effective, long-lasting, environmentally friendly extermination services to the residents of Pelham.

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