Pest infestations always seem to strike at just the wrong time. For all the house owners and business owners in Northport, New York, effective and intelligent pest control is the need of the hour. We’ve got you covered. Knockout Pest Control is here to help you eliminate unwanted invaders and restore your peace of mind. We provide you with peace of mind by helping you protect your home from these unwanted elements now and in the future. 

Why Knockout?

Since 1975, our experienced team has been quality pro-rated. We’re Green Pro, and LEED certified; and we’re friendly and easy to work with. Call today to receive pricing, to get answers to questions about the infestation, or to hire a professional to come out to remove your pests as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on fast, quality service. We’re on call seven days a week, and we treat every call like an emergency it is.

How We Make Your Life Better

Our professionals offer an array of services, such as:

  • Termite inspection and removal
  • Bed bug inspection and removal
  • Pest elimination services for:
    • Ants
    • Squirrels
    • Insects
    • Rodents
    • Birds
    • Bees

What About Termites and Bed Bugs?

Our Northport termite and bed bug control team is here to help you eradicate all your bed bugs and termite-related issues. We can eliminate these insects with care to minimize inconvenience to you and damage to your building. Our method involves first identifying the nature of the colony and then using our integrated approach to eliminate the termites and bed bugs. We treat our customers with respect and listen carefully to their needs. Call today for pricing and information. We’ll eliminate your pest problems with efficiency and diligence.

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